Learning Pathway Feature:
A BCdiploma Exclusive

Enhance the journey of your learners

  • through micro-credentials
  • accessible from the final certification

Enhance the employability of your students by highlighting the acquired skills.

Your completion certificates become comprehensive programs offering a 360° view of your students' achievements: an exclusive feature of BCdiploma.


Enriched certificates for better employability

Professional skills, soft skills, or successful experiences contribute to enriching a training completion certificate and are accessible with just one click... for improved employability of your learners!

Increase the engagement of your learners

Rewarding each stage of the program with a micro-credential is a powerful motivator. You enhance your teaching offer and personalized pathways.

The Micro-credential feature in detail
Customize your credentials design
SEO fonctionnality

Easy to set up, Immediate to use

Configure in just a few clicks the Micro-credential that are part of a “Path”. And there you go: an obtained micro-credential will automatically appear in the Path tab of the certificate.

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