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Complete Personalization

  • of text and visuals, fixed or variable
  • of design and white-label integration
Digital credentials
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Simple, tamper-proof, and valid for life


of students believe
it's an immediate employability lever

Animated digital credential

Branded credentials, shared on networks


of students are proud that their institution
delivers blockchain attestations

Implementing digital certificates for our undergraduate and postgraduate programs has been a rewarding experience: with BCdiploma, we have arrived at an excellent solution that ensures data accuracy and administrative efficiency. Most importantly, our digital certificates meet the growing needs for instant access and reliable verification, which is highly appreciated by our alumni and industrial partners.Helen Ye-Ernotte - Registrar and Academic Quality Director - Les Roches Crans-Montana

Customize content without limits

Because your institution is unique, you can freely configure your data model, variables, labels, conditional displays, links, and more.

Customize your credentials design
Responsive design and mobile first digital credential
Responsive design and mobile first digital credential

Lead your web design project to perfection

Responsive design, mobile-first, animations: our project team and designers will guide you step by step to create the attestation that reflects your institution.

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White-label integration: our DNA

Publish your attestations on your own website domain and send personalized emails to your students from your own address: you are in control!

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Publish your digital attestations
Upload your variable data via Excel file or API: sending to your students is integrated and immediate

Issue and distribute thousands of credentials in 3 clicks

Upload your variable data via Excel file or API: sending to your students is integrated and immediate

Backoffice tool BCdiploma

A simple and powerful management tool

Optimize your processes and autonomously deliver all your attestations. Mass generation, integrated emailing service, campaign dashboard... everything is designed to streamline your daily tasks.

Generate bulk secure PDF diplomas

Prepare your diploma award ceremony in a few clicks: issue all secure PDFs in one operation, ready for printing.

Generate bulk secure PDF diplomas
Multi languages micro credentials

Promote student mobility
with multilingual attestations

SEO fonctionnality

Anticipate trends and usage

Track usage, trends, your most popular programs, and refine the management of your training offer.

Activate analytical and statistical tracking tools for the use of the solution and your attestations.


Enhance students' employability by highlighting acquired skills

Highlight all micro-credentials obtained throughout a learning journey. Professional skills, soft skills, or successful experiences enrich the diploma... for better employability of your students! An exclusive feature of BCdiploma.

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