How IAE Nantes Boosted Alumni Platform Enrollment by 20 Points with BCdiploma

  • +20% student activation rate on the Alumni platform
  • 6,000+ digital diplomas issued
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AlumnForceThe leading solution for creating web and mobile platforms that unite and engage your students, alumni, employees, members, and community. Currently, AlumnForce supports over 350 networks from top schools and companies, including partnerships with AlumnForce and BCdiploma.L'IAE NantesEconomics & Management, part of the University of Nantes, offers a diverse range of programs in economics and management from undergraduate to doctoral levels. By focusing on market-relevant education, IAE Nantes enhances job placement for students through strong industry ties, collaborating with over 1000 partner companies. Each year, about 2900 students graduate from IAE Nantes.


IAE Nantes faced two major challenges at the end of its academic programs:

1. The issuance of state-recognized diplomas, a process that could take several months, creating difficulties for international students or those needing immediate proof of graduation for recruitment processes.

2. Maintaining an engaged alumni community to boost the school's reputation and financial support. To address this, IAE Nantes implemented the AlumnForce student & alumni platform.

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The implementation of BCdiploma and its integration with AlumnForce enabled IAE Nantes to automate the issuance of secure, instantly verifiable diploma certificates, thereby easing professional and visa application processes for students. This automation significantly reduced management time and costs.

Moreover, BCdiploma has provided lifelong access to academic documents on the AlumnForce platform, which significantly increased registration rates as the student activation rate jumped by 20%, allowing the school to maintain a connection with its alumni post-graduation.

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