How BCdiploma helped Sommet Education unify and streamline its credentialing process across its various Schools

  • 6,000+ certificates issued
  • 25% time saved
  • Implementation within several schools of the Group
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The Organization

Sommet Education is a unique education group specialized in hospitality management and the culinary arts, committed to delivering an exceptional student experience and developing future talent for the experience industry.

With more than 9,000 students and 10,000 learners from 100 countries in 18 campuses throughout the world, Sommet Education is the world’s leader in hospitality education.

Sommet Education includes 5 legendary institutions:

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Before partnering with BCdiploma, Sommet Education’s institutions faced several challenges in the creation and distribution of diplomas.

Traditionally, diplomas were manually crafted using basic software like PowerPoint and Word, then converted into PDF format for printing. This manual and outdated process was time-consuming and inefficient.

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Additionally, a significant challenge for Sommet Education as an educational group was to establish unique credentialing processes across its various schools, while still respecting the individual characteristics and needs of each institution.

Glion was looking for a solution to modernize and streamline its diploma creation and management processes, as well as to offer its students a unique service that matched its prestige.

Why Sommet Education, Les Roches and Glion chose to partner with BCdiploma?

Sommet Education adopted BCdiploma's digital credentialing solution to enhance its diploma issuance processes and provide its students with a groundbreaking service. This advancement has empowered graduates to proudly showcase their diplomas to potential employers and across their professional networks, significantly boosting their visibility and employability worldwide.

Sommet was particularly drawn to BCdiploma due to the solution’s standing as the most innovative and reliable solution in the market, offered at a competitive price.

A key factor in the Group’s decision was BCdiploma's commitment to data sovereignty and ownership. This guarantees that students maintain full ownership of their credentials, backed by the highest standards of data security and confidentiality —a unique feature that only BCdiploma offers on the market.

Additionally, the platform's user-friendly interface and the simplicity of its implementation facilitated seamless integration into the Group’s existing systems, boosting operational efficiency without sacrificing the quality of services.

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Reduction of credential management time

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The Results

The adoption of BCdiploma has facilitated the standardization and simplification of processes across the Sommet Education group’s institutions, while still accommodating the unique needs of specific institutions. This uniform approach has not only optimized its internal workflows, reducing credential management time by an impressive 25%, but also reinforced the group’s efficiency and coherence in credential management.

Additionally, BCdiploma’s innovative solution has contributed to significantly enhanced the student experience, leading to high levels of satisfaction among both the institution and its students. Such advancements highlight Glion’s commitment to providing top-tier services that mirror its prestigious reputation and uphold its high standards of educational excellence.

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