Are the traditional diplomas becoming obsolete? Can micro credentials be a solution to the problem? How can we solve major challenges between education and employment?

We have highlighted some of the common challenges faced by employers.

  • Employers are seeking specific skills and soft skills that are often not detailed on traditional diplomas or certificates making it harder to find the right people for their jobs.
  • A global trend where micro and/or specific skills are essential to economies but not always accessible to employers posing a challenge to find candidates.

Internationally, the rapid adoption of micro-credentials is just recognition of current challenges. Whether it’s a short course, executive education, or a module within a diploma program, institutions are increasingly issuing micro-certificates for acquired skills, experiences, or to recognize soft skills.

“Studies such as the ‘2023 Coursera Survey’ conducted across various continents suggests that micro-certificates significantly improve motivation and engagement among students”.

BCdiploma allows users to issue ‘fully customizable’ digital and micro credentials using blockchain technology. In order to address the market challenges. In the first quarter of 2023, we introduced our blockchain “Pathways” solution. An exciting feature that enables users to access their final certificate and micro credentials in a single place. By doing so, employers will be able to assess learner skills earned in a single place, making sense of their qualifications.

The “Pathway” tab

The “Pathway” tab

Understanding Digital Credentials | BCdiploma Custom Certificates.

  1. The main “Certificate” is simply accessible via a web link, and it can be formatted according to your specifications and design;
  2. The “Share” button allows for direct integration with LinkedIn profiles, sharing on social networks and by email, downloading/sharing via QR Code;
  3. The “Verify” button provides access to the certificate authenticity and evidence storage and is encrypted on the blockchain. Also provides access to the issuer and recipient information. This information is read and displayed in real time directly from the blockchain all the time a certificate is accessed.
  4. The  “Language” button is a unique BCdiploma feature that enables the same certificate to be displayed in multiple languages. Global employers can now evaluate credentials easily.
  5. The  “Pathway” is a brand new function! This function aims to provide clarity to anyone reading the learners certificate including all micro-credentials in the same place.

Understanding Micro Credentials vs Pathway.

Institutions can issue micro credentials in recognition to small blocks of learning recognising learners achievement. Doing so, it becomes clear to the learner what their pathway looks like. This is also a great way to keep learners motivated in progressing with their education.

All micro certificates are then collected in a series of achievements and displayed in a single location making up the ‘pathway’.

All micro certificates are then collected in a series of achievements and displayed in a single location making up the ‘pathway’

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Each micro certificate can be used independently of each other, with the same functions and authentication verification features.

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BCdiploma already supports more than 170 institutions in over 21 countries. We are a leading EdTech organization and experts in blockchain credentials.

We also participate in key digital credential projects across the globe helping institutions, employers and learners in shaping the future of  digital credentials.

Our expertise in Micro-credentials is based on three years of collaboration with eCampusOntario. For Ontario universities, we have developed a turnkey tool that allows you to independently set up as many micro-certification models as you wish. They are suitable for all short or professional training courses, as well as modules and competency blocks in a degree program.

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