Ever heard of Europass? Developed by the European Commission, this digital tool aims to standardize and promote the communication of training and education qualifications throughout the European Union. Since the reputation of an institution plays a major role in its influence, similarly digital credentials can be used to raise awareness of your institution on the internet with an easily identifiable mark of quality.

Want to highlight the reputation of your establishment by using digital credentials? Let BCdiploma help you discover the advantages of digital credentials in boosting your institution’s brand with your target audience!

What are digital credentials?

Qu’est ce que les digital credentials ?

Digital credentials are digital certificates or proofs that attest, for example, to the validity of a training course or diploma. Issued in the form of a unique link, and generally recorded on a blockchain, they are completely tamper-proof, and therefore bring reliability and credibility to your organization.

A brand reputation upheld by the visibility of your diplomas

Why you should use digital credentials to boost your reputation

The reputation of any company or institution is a key factor in the development of its business and activities that simply cannot be neglected. It is also important to differentiate the product or service you offer from those of competitors, and your reputation and brand image does a large part of the work in capturing audiences. By using digital credentials you can easily show off your reputation, your brand, and the quality of your education or training offering, and therefore bring more visibility to your organization.

Certification that safeguards your value, and protects you from fraud

In the field of education, the perceived value of diplomas is a key issue, today undermined by the massive production of fake diplomas and certificates. Since the widespread circulation of fake certificates issued in your name can severely harm your image, protecting your academic diplomas with digital credentials is an excellent way to guarantee the sustainability of your reputation.

How can digital credentials help you boost your reputation?

Le design des attestations dématérialisées

Digital credentials with your own branding

By offering graduates digital credentials with the colors and branding of your institution, you can easily boost your brand image with recruiters, and everyone the title is shared with. As your visual identity plays a major part in any communications strategy, any digital credentials in your branding that are shared via social media can help you raise awareness of your brand with target audiences.

An assurance of value easily shared

The main advantage of digital credentials, in addition to their security, is their ease of sharing. By encouraging graduates, with a “Call To Action”, to share their new digital credential on social media, such as LinkedIn, and by allowing them to attach the same digital credential to an email signature or an online CV, you are opening up your institution to numerous communication channels, and thus benefiting from large-scale free advertising.

Make your internal and external graduates your best allies in raising your visibility

Since digital credentials certify precise and precisely documented skills, they present an open window on the quality of your educational and training programs. To boost the reputation of your establishment, don’t hesitate to encourage not only your internal and external graduates, but also your internal team to attach their digital credentials to their email signature, in order to generate further traffic to your website.

Faites de vos diplômés internes et externes vos meilleurs alliés en termes de visibilité

On social media, you can also share and comment on student posts presenting their new digital credential, in order to boost your image with target audiences, who will be more likely to recognize your value in future exchanges.

Contribute to the reputation of your organization with BCdiploma digital credentials

Do you want to boost the reputation of your institution in order to gain an edge over your competitors and with your target audiences, while affirming the quality of the training and education you provide? With BCdiploma, you are making the right choice for secure and fully customizable digital credentials that many reputable higher education institutions, such as the University of Lille, have already adopted!