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MANCOSA’s forgery-proof certificates challenge fraudulent qualifications

Mancosa – mars 2024 – Link to the article

With unemployability on the rise, there is an increase in false qualifications. Hence, certificates that have in-built credibility and trustworthiness are a necessity. The Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) has reported that over the past year, South Africans have faced increased risk when it comes to becoming a victim of fraud.


Learning Impact Report 2023

1EdTech – november 2023 – Link to the article

The Learning Impact Report, recognize breakthrough edtech solutions and strategies that power potential in all learners that marked the year 2023. Also, discover here the nominees of the Learning Impact Awards 2023.

Stanford Online

Stanford Online Now Issues Digital Stanford Credentials

Stanford Center for Professional Development – august 2023 – Link to the article

Stanford Online now delivers credentials electronically to learners who complete professional education and graduate certificate courses and programs offered by the School of Engineering.

Campus Technology

Innovative Tools to Improve Student Success Take Top Honors at 1EdTech Conference

Campus Technology – june 2023 – Link to the article

Nonprofit open-ecosystem collaborative 1EdTech Consortium recently awarded top honors to six higher education institutions for their development of “innovative and bold” ed tech tools that broaden access to personalized and accessible learning.


2023 Learning Impact Award Winners

1EDTECH – june 2023 – Link to the article

1EdTech Learning Impact Conference 2023 Gold Award “The Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD) and BCdiploma’ Partnership for Personalized and Verifiable Blockchain Credentials”



eCampus Open Library – may 2023 – Link to the article

Your choice of technologies and platforms to use will depend on how the micro-credential will be delivered. A technology requirement is a digital credentialing platform. This is needed to create and issue credentials to learners.

Money Mint

14 Best Digital Badge Platforms to Buy Badges

Money Mint – march 2023 – Link to the article

In today’s competitive job market, digital badges are a great way for employees to showcase their skills and achievements. Apart from adding credibility to an employee’s profile, they also motivate employees to keep learning and improving. In this article, we will inform you about the best digital badge platforms, including AWS digital badges and Skillsoft digital badges.

Blockchain for good

How does one of France’s largest universities certify its students’ degrees using a blockchain?

Blockchain for Good – january 2023 – Link to the article

This new institution also wants to play a leading role in the deployment of digital certificates of achievement on blockchain, for all its graduates. To talk about this, we met with Perrine de Coëtlogon, who is leading this transformation.

AppSource Microsoft

Certifies your diplomas on the blockchain in a heartbeat

AppSource Microsoft – january 2023 – Link to the article

BCdiploma digitizes your diplomas in the safest way possible. In a heartbeat, your graduates can prove the authenticity of their obtained diplomas and share their success with the world!
Learn more about using blockchain for authentification.


Interview with Jonathan Louw

IFC – december 2022 – Link to the article

Interview with Jonathan Louw, CEO, Honoris United Universities, Johannesburg, South Africa

Higher education institutions that want to prepare graduates to enter the workforce must collaborate to design programs in line with today’s labor market, says Jonathan Louw, CEO of Honoris United Universities, the largest pan-African private higher education network. In an interview with IFC, Louw talks about working closely with employers, the benefits of operating in a competitive environment, and the three pieces of advice he would give administrators trying to improve student achievement.

Regent Business school

Blockchain Certification Service Provides Efficiency For Student Qualification

Regent Business School – november 2022 – Link to the article

In order to guarantee easy and convenient access to certificates confirming academic qualifications, Regent Business School is introducing a blockchain-based certification service.

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Micro-Credentials in 2022. Beyond theory and into Practice!

Vancouver Current Worldwild – september 2022

Micro Credentials are going mainstream fast, and the trend is set to accelerate greatly over the coming decade. Adoption is happening fastest in the anglosphere (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), but also in the EU, OECD countries and indeed beyond.   

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TOEIC: Score report goes paperless

ETS Global – september 2022 – Link to the article

To improve test-taker experience while ensuring total security for score users, the TOEIC Listening and Reading test score report is now available in a digital format.

Through the use of BCDiploma, CIVIS is dematerialising the certification process

CIVIS Passport – our innovative tool for digital qualifications

Civis – june 2022 – Link to the article

Through the use of BCDiploma, CIVIS is dematerialising the certification process while still offering robust and recognised qualifications using Openbadges.

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20 000 digital diploma certificates issued by the University of Lille

University of Lille – february 2022 – Link to the article

More than three-quarter of the diplomas and certificates issued by the university in 2020 were issued as digital certificates with «probative value».

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ESCP provides a diploma certified on the blockchain to its 27 specialisation programmes (MS and MSc)

ESCP Business school – january 2022 – Link to the article

ESCP students entering specialised master’s programmes benefit from a diploma certified with blockchain technology. More than 700 alumni now have access to a digital and forgery-proof version of their diploma.

Modern Campus

Are Your Digital Credentials Forgery-Proof?

Modern Campus – november 2021 – Link to the article

There’s little doubt that digital credentials are the future of all credentialing, academic or otherwise.

By most accounts, they make accreditation easier. Not only is access to an earned badge or certification nearly instantaneous upon program or course completion (as credentials can be given out as quickly as your administration system will allow), they’re also significantly easier to circulate. They can be displayed and sent off to social networks or employers in just a click, extending their reach far past that of traditional paper-based credentials.

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Modern Campus to Use Blockchain for Verifying Credentials

Government Technology – october 2021 – Link to the article

The ed-tech company BCdiploma is lending its blockchain tool for verifying credentials to Modern Campus and its course management system for students, reducing the need for paper transcripts and certifications.


The University of Lille goes Blockchain with EBSI

Ebsilux – septembre 2021 – Link to the article

Winner of a European call for projects in 2021 to deploy a digital infrastructure for trusted public services based on blockchain technologies, the University of Lille has installed a certification system, Fr.EBSI, based on EBSI’s diplomas use case.

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Interview with Luc Jarry-Lacombe (BCdiploma) and Anthony Hié (ESCP Buissnes School) by Thomas Hugues

B SMART – september 2021 – Link to the video

On Friday 10 September 2021, Thomas Hugues welcomes Luc Jarry-Lacombe (BCdiploma) and Anthony Hié (ESCP Buissnes School) to ECOSYSTEM.

University of New York in Prague

UNYP to issue diplomas with blockchain technology

University of New York in Prague – june 2021 – Link to the article

The University of New York in Prague will be the first private university in the Czech Republic to issue diplomas with blockchain technology. This development is a result of our continuous effort to bring innovation and the latest technologies to the education industry. We will issue the first blockchain diplomas together with the paper ones to the class of 2021. 

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Honoris – march 2021 – Link to the article

Higher education institution, Mancosa is introducing a blockchain-based diploma certification service as a way to tackle the scourge of fake qualifications, while protecting its brand reputation.

Learn more about block chain certificate.

How we made it in Africa

Honoris United Universities launches 21st Century Skills Certificate to skill up graduates for the future world of work

How we made it in Africa – october 2020 – Link to the article

Honoris United Universities, the first and largest pan-African network of private higher education institutions, announced the launch of the Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate to further enhance the employability of its students by equipping them with the most in-demand soft and digital skills required to thrive and be competitive in the 21st century world of work.

Berkeley blockchain xcelerator

BCDiploma: The Seamless Degree Verification System

Medium – october 2019 – Link to the article

BCDiploma fixes these problems with its innovative paperless blockchain certification system, that allows students to use a one-click step to prove that they actually went to a specific school.

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Focus on blockchain technology: certified and secure, dematerialised diplomas

Kosmos – may 2019 – Link to the article

Digital certification constitutes an important step in the digital transformation of higher education and its ecosystem. In order to offer always more innovative solutions to its clients, Kosmos, a member of EdTech, supports start-ups in the education sector.


Digital credentials: 5 reasons why the blockchain is a success