In order ETS Global, the TOEIC English test provider, now offers applicants the option of receiving their score via a paperless score report. Valid for the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test in the Public Program, this technological evolution reflects a desire to improve the applicant experience by turning the paper test into a secure digital service.

Launched in September 2021, this new service is the outcome of an ambitious digital transformation project led by ETS Global’s teams: replacing paper flows with blockchain digital credentials and 100% automated processes. To do this, ETS Global has chosen BCdiploma technology.

Let’s meet Laurence Carlinet, Executive Director France & New Partnerships, ETS Global, who granted us an interview to talk about this successful Blockchain Digital Micro Credentials project.

How did the digital score report project start?

With the rise of digitalization in education and continuing professional training, the need to easily and securely exchange TOEIC® test score reports has become a recurring demand from our academic clients (universities, engineering schools, business schools) and training organizations or language schools.  It is also a requirement within the framework of the CPF for institutions like France Compétences and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation.

In addition, it is now extremely easy and fast for all applicants to share a TOEIC® score report with a simple click and in complete security, to present an application to a school or company or simply to attest to a level of English.

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Finally, it was important for us to do something for the planet by reducing the use of paper and our carbon footprint.

What type of solution did you have in mind? What were your selection criteria?

The score report is the key element of any certification worthy of the name. Based on score scales that are known, understood and valued in more than 60 countries, the dematerialized TOEIC® test score reports provide a simple and reliable way to assess a person’s language skills.

We thus wanted to work with a rigorous partner already recognized by major universities for the dematerialization of diplomas.  The use of blockchain technology guarantees enhanced security for the production and reliability of score certificates and diplomas, like for example using blockchain authentication.

This solution guarantees the authenticity of the data by assigning unique and tamper-proof links to our clients and their learners. Based on these requirements, BCdiploma was chosen.

This solution guarantees the authenticity of the data

A word to conclude?

The TOEIC test is used by the most prestigious schools, universities and 14,000 companies around the world.

All of ETS Global’s partners contribute to guaranteeing the reputation of the TOEIC® test and strengthening its influence through their innovations and the security of the processes used.

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