Student and alumni engagement is a key factor in the success of higher education institutions and their learners. Alumni platform services have tackled this issue, with varying degrees of success, due to the known challenge of maintaining an active community over the long term. But what about the learners? How can we improve their commitment to programs and learning? How can we create a lasting bond and attachment to the institution, which will ultimately be the foundation of the alumni community?

By integrating data on retention rates, graduation rates, and student academic performance, as well as alumni engagement and contributions, we can paint a complete picture of the impact of these initiatives.

The Importance of Student Engagement

The Importance of Student Engagement

In its latest 2021 study, the National Student Clearinghouse revealed a retention rate of 74.1% for first-year higher education students. Among them, institutions implementing comprehensive engagement and support programs observed retention rate increases of 5 to 10%.

The same applies to graduation rates. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), this rate stands at 62% for students pursuing a four-year bachelor’s degree, starting in 2014. However, institutions focusing on student engagement often surpass this average, achieving graduation rates of up to 80-90%.

Higher education institutions can leverage several strategies to increase student engagement. Among these, the implementation of clear learning pathways rewarded with the attainment of badges and digital certificates that are verifiable and shareable (on professional networks or to a potential employer) is a powerful engagement lever.

The Influence of Alumni Engagement on the Institution

Engagement should not stop at graduation. An effective alumni engagement strategy is a powerful lever for funding and institutional success.

While the average donation rate from alumni stands at around 8% according to the Council for Aid to Education, institutions with strong engagement programs can see rates of 20% or more.

Your Alumni are your best showcases and your main liaisons within the corporate world. Engaging your Alumni and maintaining a strong connection with your institution helps strengthen your institutional brand, increase your visibility, and develop opportunities accessible to your future and current students.

The Latest Innovations to Strengthen Your Alumni Community

The Latest Innovations to Strengthen Your Alumni Community

  • A new way to keep in permanent contact with your alumni and to overcome the challenge you face regarding the updating of personal information of your alumni (especially contact information like email addresses);
  • New identifiers for login and authentication to your ecosystem, without time limit and without an active account;
  • Enriched with a range of services accessible directly from the diploma: access to new training offers provided by your institution, promotional offers from your partners, access to thematic clubs or events, etc.

By combining the benefits of clear and shared learning pathways with the modernity and flexibility of Web3 digital credentials, higher education institutions can not only increase the engagement of students and alumni but also significantly improve their impact, visibility, and the success of their students. Adopting these tools and strategies will create dynamic learning and practice communities, supporting the long-term goals of the institutions and their graduates.

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