In the world of higher education, degrees now go beyond the traditional scope of mere paper diplomas or certificates to become genuine digital marketing tools. Institutions embracing this evolution offer their learners and alumni an unprecedented opportunity to value and share their achievements. Here’s why digital credentials represent an essential marketing lever for higher education institutions.

Digital credentials: more than a document, a showcase shared by your students to boost your visibility

Digital credentials are far more than a simple online display of earned diplomas and qualifications. They are a verifiable and secure version of academic achievements, enabling graduates to easily share their skills and accomplishments on professional networks, and of course, with recruiters. This ease of sharing turns each credential into a showcase for training programs, amplifying their visibility and, by extension, their attractiveness.

The professional social network LinkedIn emphasizes the use of this new digital diploma format. Shared in the form of a simple URL link, it allows new graduates to “post” their diploma to share their success. But that’s not all: the “Licenses & Certifications” section highlights the link to the precious diploma, reinforcing the credibility of profiles.

The impact of digital credentials on the visibility of institutions is undeniable. With an average of 60% sharing by learners, BCdiploma’s digital certificates and badges act as catalysts for program recognition. This dynamic promotes referral and word-of-mouth, thus increasing enrollments in your programs, particularly for short courses, online, or dedicated to continuing and professional education (Executive Education or Continuing Education).

Enhance Your Online Visibility with 100% White-Label Diplomas

Discover what makes a credentialing platform truly 100% white-label

Each diploma benefits from a dedicated full web page, offering much more space than a traditional certificate to detail the program, add proofs of acquired skills, and directly redirect to the institution’s site and its training offer.

BCdiploma’s digital diplomas are the only ones on the market to be 100% white-label and to highlight the name and brand of your institution rather than that of the credentialing platform used.

Your learners’ diplomas are therefore directly accessible from your ecosystem and domain name, becoming true assets for your academic offer’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the visibility of your institution, and your online programs.

Strengthen Ties with Your Alumni

Strengthen Ties with Your Alumni

Digital credentials are not just an external valorization tool; they also serve as an effective means to maintain and strengthen ties with alumni. By facilitating the sharing of their successes, institutions create an engaged community, proud of its achievements and ambassador of the quality of education received. This issue is crucial for institutions given the impact of alumni engagement on the success and funding of institutions.

Digital diplomas thus prove to be powerful marketing tools for your institution, to develop your visibility, your ranking, and the word-of-mouth around your training programs. BCdiploma positions itself at the forefront of this digital credentials revolution with its unique offering in the world, awarded the Gold Award of the 1EdTech Learning Impact in 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity to boost the attractiveness of your programs. Schedule an appointment with one of our higher education experts to explore how digital credentials can transform your institution.

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