Digital transformation is a major challenge for Higher Education institutions, whether for the optimization of academic and administrative processes or for improving services offered to students. Technological advancements provide institutions with new tools: micro-learning, immersive learning, phygital (physical and digital) campuses and paths. Among these innovations, digital diplomas or digital credentials represent a revolution, not only in terms of student and alumni engagement or visibility of training programs but also in the efficient management and distribution of diplomas and certificate credentials.

With these solutions, institutions can now significantly reduce their costs and the time spent on the creation, administration, and management of both digital and paper diplomas!

Automate your processes by going 100% digital

If no regulation requires you to use paper documents, why impose it on yourself? For example, in France, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation recognizes, for state diplomas, the legal value of the digital certificate of successful diploma achievement.

With solutions for the dematerialization of diplomas and certifications, say goodbye to your printing and mailing costs and to all paper-related issues (e.g., loss of diploma, return to sender, etc.).

Thanks to quick implementation and integration into your IT systems (ERP, LMS, SIS, etc.) facilitated by cutting-edge APIs, BCdiploma automates and secures the sending of diplomas, allowing for an agile, automatic, and secure response to the challenges of sending, archiving, and protecting your documents.

Institutions that have opted for a transition to 100% digital with BCdiploma have seen a reduction in costs and time spent by up to 90% (see our use case with a renowned American university). This efficiency results from the elimination of laborious manual processes and the associated cost of physical production and distribution of diplomas.

Digital and Paper: A Beneficial Cohabitation

For institutions that wish or need to keep paper diplomas while benefiting from the flexibility of digital, BCdiploma offers an innovative solution: the Ready-to-print.

This approach allows merging of paper and digital processes, thus ensuring more reliable and economical diploma management.

Digital and Paper: A Beneficial Cohabitation

Here, digital and paper prove to be complementary, offering the best of both worlds to higher education institutions and their learners.

Conclusion: Towards a New Era of Higher Education

The integration of digital credentials and diplomas in higher education institutions is not just a matter of modernity; it’s a crucial strategy to alleviate administrative and financial constraints. By adopting BCdiploma solutions, your institution can achieve significant savings while providing an enriched experience to your students and alumni.

Don’t wait any longer to transform your institution and gain a lasting competitive advantage.

Schedule an appointment today with our higher education expert and discover how BCdiploma can help you move towards digital excellence!

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